Need help to boolean solid text to extrusion surface

Can someone explain why I cant Boolean the ‘A’ solid text in this file to the disc surface but I can boolean the C and the R?

I’ve tried exploding the text and working with surfaces, uv directions, surface directions etc and have not found a way to make it work.

It can’t be this hard to add solid text to a surface, what am I doing wrong? I have flowed the text around a curve but other than that this is basic solid text.

Here is the ugly result whenever I try to boolean the ‘A’ to the extrusion surface (This is shaded view, render just as bad).


test.3dm(1.2 MB)

Well, the text was probably pretty bad to begin with (curves made from fonts usually are) and then the problem was accentuated by using Flow to further distort it. The result is that the letters are a mess, and the A has at least one nasty self-intersecting spot as well as lots of tangent discontinuities. The Boolean actually does work, but the render mesh is a mess because of the bad edges, which is why it looks like it does in shaded view.

I extracted the “A” text curve, split it at the sharp corners, manually rebuilt the sections to clean it up and then re-extruded. It then looks OK.


test-x.3dm(1.1 MB)

I was concerned about all those isocurves but now I am wondering what good is the ability to have solid text from normal font files if the curves aren’t reliable.

What is the fasted way to ‘fix’ font solids?

As you did it, I guess that it would be better to just use text as curves, then fix them and extrude the result.

Looks like I would have to split the curves at obvious knots, rebuild between knots, join sections, then extrude.

Could take a lot of time for each character when some characters, even though ugly, will boolean.

Maybe should just use the solid text as individual characters and only ‘fix’ the ones that won’t boolean?

Any pointers on a faster/better process?