Booleaning problem

Hello, I have a letter C I want to Boolean onto this disc-charm, but for some reason it just won’t Boolean. Both parts are solid, and yet they won’t split, they won’t trim, nor any Booleaning.

Can anyone diagnose why this is? All the other letters worked out just fine. While probably not super critical, just really annoying.

Thanks for any help!

BooleanProblem.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hello - see this location on your ‘C’:


You need to look closely - it help to run the Intersect command - you’ll see this results in two curves, where one is expected - if you zoom in on the smaller curve you see where the problem occurs. There is an extra tiny surface on the ‘C’

fixed here: C.3dm (334.0 KB)


Thank you so much! Maybe it’s because of the tapered extrusion. Many letters seems to not behave well after that for Booleaning purposes.

Hello - yep, tapered extrusions can get pretty fussy if you go far enough or at a strong enough angle.