Need help for pattern

How could I combine the two geometries in this series so that I can distribute them as a pattern?
Thank you very much.

Hi @Julien_B ,

Check out the weave component. You can supply your pattern indices to the P input and your two geometries to the 0 and 1 inputs.

Now keep in mind that’s only grouping the data together in the pattern sequence. You still need logic for positioning said geometry.

Or are you simply trying to do a linear array left to right with your pattern matched?

I will check that. i’m trying to feel this wall with this two tiles and to be able to play with gap in between to be able to create the nicer wall.

I spend my day doing it today in rhino by hands calculting everything and i never want to do this again. I wanted to kill myself.
I just check weave component i think its close but its not the only component i need !
i check in all the different page of the forum and i didnt find anyone asking for something like this :confused:

i try many things in gh but nothing is close to what i’m looking for …

First, you need to tell your goal. There are variants.
Second, Upload your gh.
Here is the guideline.
Help Us Help You - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum
It will help you reduce the pain.

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Hello thanks for your answer my script doesnt work well and i didint arrive anywhere i didnt put it … but i can show you what i try to do !
Pattern tiles with (26.7 KB)
my goal i to arrive to duplicate the patern like this

Pattern tiles with gap Edited (8.6 KB)
I think you can do the rest.

Honeycam 2023-09-21 20-14-11

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It’s not exactly what i’m looking for i would like to be able control this with a slider this distance to be able to adjust :confused:

Hi @Julien_B ,

Riffing off what @Quan_Li set up with extruding the lines,

I think this is a good case for a dash/gap pattern component.

This lets us use the pattern with any input curve without getting into surface UV domains and such.

You can set the Row Count, Horizontal Panel gap spacing, and Vertical Panel gap spacing.

Let me know what you all think!

Graph Space:

Model Space: (25.7 KB)

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Pattern tiles with gap Edited (13.6 KB)

Hmm… in that case…

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This is truly an impressive script; it’s fantastic! I just have a small question:

  • How would we go about it if, instead of the slider that changes the gap between the tiles, we wanted the spacing between the tiles to be generated based on the length of the wall? I imagine this would change the way we approach the script a bit. But this one is awesome!

It’s great as well! How can we link it to a curve so that the data isn’t just at 0 but at the desired location in 3D, starting where we want and ending there as well?

I think it change the way of making the script because its not a question of gap … Or its not possible ?