Parametic Pattern


i’ve tried quiet a lot of different Things but don’t seem to get the result i want. I’m still quite new to grasshopper.
We had to create a pattern for a facade in one of our lectures at University and now we to make a parametic pattern out of it. I can Change the size of tiles, or extrude them to a Point so thats no Problem. But we created 18 different tiles (i don’t want to use all of them in one pattern) and i’m only able to use one at a time. Our professors made it sound so simple to just Exchange different parts in grasshopper with our Geometrie.
I tried different tutorials where i get different squares with different Colors but then i have the Problem again i don’t know how to Change these square to my pattern.
If there is no way i can still do it manually but it would save a lot of time to get them distributed randomly with grasshopper. So i can choose them and for example extrude them to a Point.

So that is my latest try with two of our tiles
test.3dm (2.3 MB) (22.0 KB)

Thats made from the tutorials we got for this course and kinda my base to what i was trying to achieve.

It should look like that, we or better said my Group partner made it in Rhino with blocks.

Whats i was able to do (not in the grasshopper file above). So the squares got different colours but still only one tile.

Would work too if there is no other way. We just have to make a small Clip in which you can see the Change in our face and that works way better in grasshopper. And we can do it if we use one of our tiles. It just would be nice if we were able to use more than one tile.

Thats what i was able to do but it’s boring.

And if you wonder the blue stands glass, the green for Panels where plants can grow and the Purple for some kind of other material.

Thanks for your help and i hope i explained it in a way that makes sense. Have been working for this almost all week or more than a week and it’s frustrating. Or maybe i’m looking for something that just doesn’t work at.
And sorry for spelling mistakes. English is not my first language and my Laptop keeps correcting words. :see_no_evil:

Hi, I‘m not sure if this is the right answer:

Build your tiles in Rhino. Load them in Grasshopper each. Group the geometry of each tile and merge each group into a list. Now if you made it in the right order, your (tiles list) indices equals the numbers from above.
Then you create a grid and foreach cell you have to define the index to choose from and transform the tile to your grid. Which logic you use for assigning the desired index for each grid cell, thats something I don‘t know. It depends on the design intend. Could be random or based on „attractor“ geometry.

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Hi @Mahdiyar :slight_smile: ,

Did you record this move using some Rhino/Grasshopper function or some external program to recording desktop?

Hi, I’m using snag it.

Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for both suggestions.

Basically i can only Keep the properties when i use meshes? Cause with the geometry we loose the materials when i Import them in grasshopper.

The gh file is really good, tried to exchange the mesh with a geometry. So far so good and i was able to make some changes to the geometry but the material properties where gone.
Guess i can’t have both.

it’s such a huge file with the nurbs :see_no_evil:

So now i’m trying the list now

That was only a quick test yesterday and definitely not finished but it could looks so nice with light shining trough the windows. It wouldn’t be a problem if shouldn’t submit a video how our facade can change

Materials won’t be carried over. You should bake each panel type to its own layer and assign material to the layer.

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Could be worse, well i tried a few things with the grasshopper file from above.
Basically i tried to split the list even further. With surfaces no Problem

At least it seems fine to me

But when i change my geometry with one of the tiles it ends up like that (the tiles are grouped in Rhino)

My guess is that it has somesthing to so with the bounding box and the area but i’m not sure.
A Surface or a curve after de first split list didn’t help. With the file from above with only two tiles it’s no Problem to Change the mesh to a geometry.
Had the hope that i could Import the tiles like they were and that they would stay that way even if i turn one layer of material off.
But i’m definitely getting closer to what i had in mind.

Thanks everybody for the help :grinning:

Edit: found a solution… when i move my geometry in Rhino with it’s midpoint to 0 it works and they are alligned nicely, don’t know if that’s the right way but it works for now

Edit 2:

and now i can also just import the geometry i want to work on. So now i just have to put the Point attractor back in

So thanks again for all the help