Need Help for Import / Export Conversion Please

Hi )
i need to convert an Adobe Illustrator path into a STP file, but didn’t see an online converter. I saw Rhino software can import Adobe Illustrator and export STP (Rhino Import / Export Formats, would somebody mind to help me out in this and convert some files for me ?
Here is the first one I have finished so far (if shows as picture in browser, pls just download, its an .ai file), it has 1:1 size of ca. 10 cm x 10 cm.
Thanks a lot,

Hi Frank,

The Rhino trial should allow you to do a few conversions up to the time limit.

yes thanks, but if any possible I’d not so keen to install on my already weak laptop. Maybe for someone with a helping hand its a simple thing to help with :expressionless:

Rhino can work in weak laptops, I’ve been using it for a while in a core I3 with no problems at all, I guess it can work in even smaller laptops

path.stp (6.7 KB)

Hey Diego, thank you a lot !
If i repeatedly need i probably should install it but for now its just these files.
I have this 1 more file, would be very nice if you can covert it too :expressionless:

Here’s the converted file …

Here’s a CAD conversion utility that is pretty reasonably priced,
Not sure it it takes Illustrator files …

CW_05x10_05_02.stp (6.7 KB)

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cool thx for link and Muchas Gracias for the file cdordoni :))