Need help creating an attractor hexagon extrusion panel along srf

Hello everyone! I’ve been trying to figure out how to create an attractor hex extrusion panel along an imported surface and feel like I’ve gotten very close. I’ve attached screenshots of my thought process here, as well as the file itself. So my first issue was that the bordering curves from the hex cells component from lunchbox weren’t colinear with the surface edge, nor did the curves lie on the surface itself, so I opted to project these curves onto the surface to achieve this. I then separated the hex cells from the bordering edges that didn’t have 6 sides. I then scaled down those hex cells, did some attractor stuff to achieve an interesting attraction effect, and got to the point where I had the two sets of surfaces that I wanted to create a loft between. Here’s where I’m stuck: I’m not sure how to organize the data tree for these sets in order to get these to loft correctly. Any help would be appreciated! And I’m also fairly new to Grasshopper, so any alternative methods of trying to achieve what I’m going for are also more than welcome.

Attractor Hexagon Panels on (66.3 KB)


I don’t have Lunchbox so started hacking with standard GH HexGrid and Map Srf (Map to Surface). I didn’t even try to follow your attractor stuff, just used an offset surface for the tops. I got something that looked decent until I jittered the ColorBa (Color Branches) cluster, and pow! I realized the bottom parts didn’t match the top parts. :frowning:

So this is the part you might find useful - the yellow group that matches the bottom parts (from Loft) with the tops (from SrfSplit) so they Join together to form one ‘Open Brep’.

Attractor Hexagon (82.6 KB)

I didn’t touch your code, which is still in this file.


This is super helpful, exactly what I was looking to do! Thank you so much!