Hex panel extrusion line attractor


I’m trying to add two attractors, 1. a point attractor for the hex panel sizes (it works fine) 2. line attractor to control the extrusion height. (failed)

not sure where I need to connect the Curve Closest Point to get it work.

I’m also trying to put the hex pattern on a surface… please direct me which components I should use.

hex.3dm (22.1 KB) hex_v2.gh (18.2 KB)

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Right! Thank you so much.

The last question was how to put it on a rhino surface… could you also help with this one?
is it better to use ‘hex cells or hex structure’ (lunchbox)? or can I use the current hex grid component?

hex_v2_re.gh (11.7 KB)

is this?

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yeap thats it, thank you so much.

Hi There

I got another question on the same def. How do I fill in the edges? I want all edges to have triangles to finish the form nicely.

hex_v3.gh (18.5 KB)

I’ve used clean tree tool before but not sure if thats the right component.

Have a try Hexagon Cells fr lunchbox plugin instead ofHexGrid.

hex_v3_re.gh (17.3 KB)


Thank HS_Kim, I’ve failed with Hexagon Cells initially, now I see what I’ve missed.