Extrusion of Panels based on Distance

Hey guys, I haven’t posted here in a while, but I’m making a new grasshopper script and I’m trying to create some sort of spherical surface extrusion based on attractor points. I used Lunchbox’s paneling nodes to divide the sphere (I have it at a low poly count to not kill the computer) and I got attractor points to work that they would extrude every surface. Well, that’s dandy and all but I want to isolate these surfaces and just have certain areas extrude instead.

As seen in the image above, I got the points to isolate themselves and simply have a certain area be displayed. However, I cannot figure out how to isolate the surfaces of the panels to extrude along those curves only. Whenever I plug a simply extrude-along-curve, it takes all the surfaces instead of the ones the points reside on.

If someone can kindly help me figure this out, that’d be greatly appreciated. File provided (has lunchbox nodes)

Sphere Extrusions 2.gh (31.1 KB)

If I understand you right, I’d rather try this way…

Sphere Extrusions 2_re.gh (13.3 KB)

Oh wow, this is exactly what I needed, thanks! Seeing the very concise and cleaned node map and then looking at the mayhem of nodes I had made, lol. Sorry if I made you spent too much time needlessly salvaging my mess. I really need to learn how to make more better-organized maps by learning what each node really does.

If there’s one more thing I can ask, would there be any way to fill in the gaps created from these extrusions? I’d imagine you’d need to extract the corners, re-arrange the lists and fill it like that. But that’s just my intuition.

Kind of like this?

Sphere Extrusions 2_reV2.gh (22.2 KB)

Not quite, I was visualizing something more akin to this. I tried doing it myself but when it got to the very outer extrusions the entire thing went crazy.