Need a nudge in the right direction for a script

I’m trying to make a button that makes an object symmetrical about the world ZX axis.

I’ve got Pascal’s intersectplane so the idea is pretty simple. Run TrimWithPlane and pick the options… Then sellast and finally mirror x.

However I can’t get the TrimWithPlane to self exit after the trim takes place.

Usually ! does that, no? Not working for me.

(Obviously we’re talking about objects that cross the axis and I want to trash one side of it.)

Hard to help without seeing the macro so far - my guess is you need an Enter in there to stop the script before moving on.


_TrimWithPlane _Cplanes _WorldZX Enter

Still not doing it. It’s waiting for me to pick more objects.

Yeah- I guess an alias running a script does not react the same as a native command… you’ll have to script it up!