Helping a Rhino newbie - installed a Pascal Golay Script and get "VBScript Runtime Error"

I’m learning Rhino and am trying to install and run a script which the online author uses a lot in his material;

Pascal Golay’s “IntersectPlane”.

I’ve installed the script and when I try to use it, testing it out for the first time, I cannot seem to get it to work - I get an error which says;

“Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Error: Type mismatch: “IntersectPlane”

Please can someone advise ?

I’ve restarted Rhino - the script is there, I can type in the command, it just won’t work!

Rhino 5.0, Windows 10.

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.

PS - I installed it by dragging and dropping the .rvb file into Rhino and restarting Rhino.


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Hello - that is typically the message you see when the script is not loaded and you try to run it from the alias, in this case IntersectPlanes. Is that how you are running the script? If so, then try

  1. In Options > Aliases remove the alias IntersectPlanes if it is there.
  2. Drag and drop the rvb onto an open Rhino. Note what the command line shows when you do
  3. Type IntersectPlanes and Enter.

Any luck? If not, what did the command line say on drag and drop?


Pascal that’s great !

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

That has worked perfectly now.

Much appreciation for your wonderful script - it will help me greatly :slight_smile: