Native revit elements_line (with editable start and end points) and text

I have short question about creating native Revit elements: is it possible to create native lines (with editable start and end points)with also possibility to changing the line styles.
Is it possible to create native text?
Thank you for any help.

The Guide is where they are at in tools so far, still Beta and the focus is on the model workflows at the moment. Rhino.Inside®.Revit

You can create Model lines, Curves in Family – that have graphics control, but no detail lines for drafting views.

No text components as of yet.


Thank you Rickson for your answer.
I’ve tried to use Component Family Curve connected to New Component Family.

I have faced the problem because grasshopper communicates 1. The input category id cannot be assigned as the new category for this family. Parameter name: categoryId

I would like to use Lines model object but I have problem to find correct family template to create the curve family. I’ve tried also use mass (only geometric form available) and generic models (but I still have problem with categoryId).

I have also problem with AddModelLine, the error is 1. Invalid cast: SketchPlane » SketchPlane.

In the attachment I’ve sent Revit family file (which was modyfied to Revit template file) and Grasshopper file.

Native element_add curve (12.9 KB)
Triangle Angle_my.rfa (352 KB)

I will appreciate any help.