Spline through points in RiR?


I’m currently testing a new workflow to create native splines in a mass family with RiR from curves that I have created in Rhino.

I cannot find any component that takes in input an array of points and creates a native spline in Revit.

I browsed through the Revit API reference and the only class I could find is “CurveByPoints”
CurveByPoints Class (revitapidocs.com)


Is there anyone that could help me finding the best way to deal with this?

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There is a NurbsSpline class

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Have you got a simple example or some reference on how to implement this by any chance?

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Try looking for dynamo python examples or other Revit API implementations. If nobody chimes in or you haven’t solved it today or tomorrow I can provide an example next week.

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Hi @Japhy I could add my input here and
Giulio If you still need an answer on this.
It looks like you are trying to create spline thru points in the mass or adaptive component environment. Creating “elements” directly in a loadable family editor is different than most other creation methods. Below is C# code showing how to do it. I prefer C# since you are able to see an understand the “Types”. See the creation methods. This solution does not include element tracking and as things move so quickly make sure to check if spline thru points is now a component in RIR on the future builds. Either way this should give you some insight on how creation works in a loadable family vs the Revit env. Thanks

Would like to also leave this reply here for the same, but using python… and maybe for some thumbs up for new features xD