Element Geometry Reference - Adaptive Families Features Request

Hi All,

I wanted to check if it would be possible to add getting model line references from a family, currently it works with geometry inside the family, but not for model lines as shown below.

The image is showing a simple family with just model lines inside and an example of the expected output.


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Thanks, I’ve reopened the original Feature request. This might need to be its own component, one that could output named references as well.

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Thanks for reopening the request.

Just wanted to add that I assumed model lines would be part of the output references since they are part of the 3D geometry of the family and not like the 2D symbolic lines.

Either way having it as a separate component along with the named ref planes or as an added output for the current “Ele Geom Refs” would be great.

An extra feature which would be great to have, is an option of picking if I want to get the references for the Instance or Symbol Geometry References… will elaborate on the use case tomorrow along with some other feature requests that complement the usage for Symbol References, which I believe would be a nice addition to have natively in RiR.



Hi again,

So the features I am mentioning above are related to adaptive families… and since adaptive families can be flexible with geometry and generate native Revit elements that can be further modified by users inside project or even to facilitate the process of setting up the adaptive families initially…

"For setting up the family, placing and renaming Reference Points can be a tedious task when working with multiple families and having complex geometry that require being controlled by various AdpPts.

Below I have shared a sample for the kind of components that I believe would be a great addition to the existing arsenal of native RiR components with there various options and stability.

For the current use cases, we would be using them for the kind of modeling that’s usually tiresome and sometimes hard to model in Revit with native modeling tools (eg. bridges , tunnels, trenches, some railings and fences)."

…it would be great to get the most out of adaptive families through RiR integration and open up some new workflows for using GH with Revit.

Hopefully, others would chime in and share if it would be handy for them to have such functionalities and share how they would use and benefit from them…

AdaptiveFamily_Sample.gh (12.6 KB)
AdaptiveFamily_Sample.rfa (624 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Mohamed, I’ll dig into this a bit. One concerning note is that it appears they removed a number of categories in the 2024 Generic Model Adaptive.rfa template.

Can you check in the drop down list to check all filters, maybe some are not added… I don’t have 2024 installed yet.

Much better, thanks. Coffee before Revit next time.

Odd assortment in the Piping,Mechanical, Electrical disciplines.


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Hi @M.Tarabishy,

We have added a ‘Lines’ output as you requested to ‘Element References’ component in v1.16.

It’s moved under the ‘Model’ panel.