Host a Detail line-based family to a curve

Hi Guys,

Good day, how can I be able to host a detail line-based family to a Rhino curve inside Revit? at the moment, we have a add detail item but have a point for insertion but I am looking for a curve as an input like creating a beam?
Any help?

Hi Joel, This is an outstanding feature request & have added this thread as well.

Hi Japhy,

Would it be okay, to create a temporary python script to aid this process? it will be useful to have this tool.

Thank you.

Certainly, here’s something to get you started. (8.5 KB)

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Thank you very much Japhy! we hope to see this on its own gh component in the next RIR version.

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Hi Japhy,

I got error says - expected XYZ, got Line


Thanks Japhy, it is working now, I just need to recompute the script, cheers.

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Hi Japhy,

Good day, is this component works as I am trying to achieve?


No, there will be an Add Detail Item (Curve) component eventually.

Thanks Japhy, what is the use of the encircled component? thanks.

Given a curve it will add a line based model component to the project


Hi Japhy,
I’m unable to find Add Detail Item (curve) component in my Rhino should I upgrade any packages could you please guide me on this please.

This should work in any version. Can you be more specific on the issue? Thanks

Hey Japhy,

Is this feature [Add Detail Item(Curve)] available in any recent release, yet? I am at v1.18.8797.

Unfortunately, it’s still a feature request and only available via scripting.

no worries, the script works well! Thank you and have a relaxing long weekend!

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Hi @Japhy,

It’s working good, But there is a warning popping up on Revit window for few element’s and until we accept it the script doesn’t run completely.

can you please suggest me to over come that, if also the Warning comes can it be made as one time collective warning so the script will run completely.

A couple ways to deal with this, can you internalize your problematic curves and your systemInfo and post? Thanks

I’m Attaching my script and family being used to perform, Hope I’m not bothering you much on the same query again and again.

Requesting you to address on the Error’s below.

  1. image
    The View input on the Component is not working with an Associate Plan View with out Coordinate “Z” Value.

The Output received should give element’s further to work on parameters but it’s showing as null.

My systemInfo for your reference,


Reinf_Bar_LineBased.rfa (1.5 MB)
Reo placement_Line (26.2 KB)

Like the error says, the curves need to be on the same plane as the view (its a Detail Based Family and is view dependent, like a dimension)

When posting with a lot of plugins its best to isolate the issue as much as possible.