Nasty crash. Lost hours of work, no recovery? and messed up workspace

Hi RMA team,

V6 has been very shaky lately, but useable. Today a bad thing happened. I was working on a drawing and I crashed after almost 2 hours of work. My bad for not saving, but I came to rely on rhino and on the autorecovery, maybe a bit too much.

There was no backup, no autorecovery this time. and it even completely messed up all my toolsbars placement, and all docked windows gone when I restarted it.

I was expecting better this late into the wip.


Did you save the file at all?


it was a save from yesterday. I opened it this am and started working on it again, sleepy Sunday, no saves. I did include the file in the crash report.

But there should be autosaves…

At the very least, check the Recycle bin and the %temp% folder.

  • Andy

oooh, I had no idea that the autosave would be in the recycle bin. I was expecting to be promoted by Rhino to recover it at re-launch. I just checked, it’s here:

… too late, I ended up redoing it. but I’ll keep in it mind for later. Thx!