Random crashes

Hi RMA team,

I know you are getting close to ship V6 within the next couple of years, so I’m not sure how to help to document/reports some crashed I’m having. They are either:

  • Rhino just vanishes and I see the desktop behind it, no warnings, no crash report window, nothing
    -Windows pops up a window saying Rhino stopped responding ans it asks me to quit (like If I have any other choice)

Do you get pinged about these crashes? Or is there any way to let you know?

I’ve been working a lot in Octane and/or Grasshopper and it’s happening with both (2-3 times within a session of 3 hours or so) . Rhino seems to be fine when I run it alone, and don’t run it with any of these puppies.



Hi Gustavo - I guess if you can isolate the crash to (hopefully) just one of these, that would be a step forward. Is there any useful part of your workflow that allows blocking one of these temporarily to see if the crash still occurs?


Hi Pascal, I’ll try. I also got a third kind of crash yesterday (or the day before) that was a blue screen. So I’m not sure if there are issues with my machine. And if those could be related. I’ll go ahead an upgrade Quadro drivers in the meantime and see if that helps.