WIP unable to save panel states

I’m bringing it again, just don’t know what to write as an extra comments. I wrote enough times about it already.

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Are you using a multi display setup?

Hi Piotr -

The plan is to have this working in Rhino 8.

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It is happening regardless the setup.

I’ve had major issues with toolbars on my new workstation last week. I think I managed to sort most problems when I moved the toolbars to the correct place with just the main screen on. The Object Snap toolbar is still causing trouble but I can sort of live with it

I have tried to set this up at the office with second display attached then once again at home.
It returns to the state which is not even the default one. It’s like Rhino is selectively displaying what I should be seing :sweat_smile:

Hi Wim
I am really looking forward to seing it fixed. I like the changes that are happening already and I like to witness and test it constantly without leaving WiP for V7 stability.

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