Names view turning black


I have this buggy thing going on with my name views panel where all the views turn black.

What Ive found is that on opening my scene all looks fine on my named view palette. I double click on a names view and the preview image turns black, everyone after this then turns black on double clicking. Ive just tried this again and it didn’t turn black until i renamed a view. then same issue, repeatably turning black. Sometime the preview returns on renaming a view in this panel. Its all very hard to follow a logic for the fault.

Im running 2X GTX 980 TI’s and also noted this occurred on my older card before this recent replacement. Its also been flagged up this maybe a PSU issue but Ive a 1KW PSU with enough headroom for another Card.

Ive tested the same scene in R6.0 WIP and it seems fine, just a R5 issue.

I have also made the observation that R5 isn’t listing the full 6GB ram on the cards, only listing 4095MB

Any input / tips & help would be appreciated as this is a regular issue on quite a lot of scenes.

Many thanks


Just a quick update this has just faulted in R6.0 WIP also. :-/

Hi Will - any chance the video drivers can get an update? They don’t look super old, but still, I’d look at that first.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for that, I did actually notice the little NVidia app ceased to be on my taskbar and hadn’t prompted an update. All reinstated but unfortunately the problem is still very much there.

Hope you can help.


Hi Will - if you right click in the Named Views and from the context menu > ‘View mode’, toggle from thumbnails to list and back again- does that refresh the thumbs? Not a solution, just trying to understand what is amiss… Is any of the named views locked?



Hi Pascal,

Yes, that refreshes it. Its staying stable right now. Ill update you if it faults again. Interestingly when I reopened the file, without a save it was ok.

Will keep you posted