Problem with named view rendering completely black in Vray

This is something that’s happened to me before, where a named view randomly stops rendering properly and just renders completely black. The only solution is to delete the named view and in another viewport recreate said view and if I so desire, make another named view.

Has anyone else experienced this? Named views are REALLY useful, but this bug almost makes it more worthwhile not naming a view and just keeping one viewport designated to the camera angle I require.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

I’m using Rhino 5 w/ Vray 3.4, FYI.

Thanks as always, gals and guys!

maybe upgrade to 3.6.03? I can’t remember ever having an issue with named views. Is your camera maybe very close to a wall? I sometimes have this where Rhino shows my geometry, whereas the camera is slightly inside the wall. But it’s probably not the case. What if you ‘refresh’ the view by zooming a bit and then render, then undo the view and render?

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Hey Gijs,

The issue is definitely not the camera’s placement. As I said, the named view works (sometimes for weeks or months on end) until it suddenly doesn’t and only renders pitch black. This happens without fail, which is why I often opt to just keep one viewport at the desired camera angle as opposed to saving named views.

Changing viewports, zooming, and refreshing the view doesn’t work, either. Only thing that seems to solve it is to delete the named view and create a new view in a separate viewport. Really bizarre.

Sounds like the version of Vray I’m using might be the culprit, though. Thanks.

Black render mostly happens because of 3 reasons: bad camera, bad lights or bad settings. For one reason or another any of those 3 either changed or the exporter does something wrong when exporting.
Anyway I’m no curious if that happens in 4.x or even 3.6.
If possible, could you download a trial of 4.x and test whether this happens there. If it does, then please share the scene with us (call Chaos support, or just PM me).