Multiple layouts, need same view for each

I apologize in advance for this. I am not even sure what to call this issue.
When I have a drawing of an assembly of parts, I make an array of the complete assembly and selectively manipulate the parts in each copy to show the sequence of tasks to put the parts together. Then I create multiple layouts, one for each step. It’s very helpful for techs in the field. However, I cannot maintain the view with any consistency. I am careful to select Perspective in each detail (one detail per page) but there does not seem to be any way to say “show this thing the same way, each time I create a detail”. As a result, my instruction sheets are not as professional as I would like.
What should I be searching for? Is there a way to do this?
Is my mistake that I am using copies of the assembly? Should I being creating a separate file for each step? Or do I need to use isometric instead of perspective?
Thank you, everyone, for any help you can provide.

Named Positions come to mind. The same view with Parts moved in and out in Named Views, LayerStates would be useful as well.

Hi, you could create one Named View and put each copy of your objects on separat layers so that they can have identical positions. Then for each step, turn on just one layer in the detail.

I’m trying it, now. Thank you.

David, if I understand you correctly, I would create layer groups of my existing layers (so that I can still turn off objects that I do not want to see), one layer group for each layout. Then stack the copies, one on top of the other, with just one layer group turned on. Then when I create a new layout, I turn on only the matching layer group. Is that correct? Seems like a lot of layers to navigate, especially since there will me multiple layers with identical names.
I’m going to try that, anyway. Thank you.

Yes, you need a lot of layers… The only advantage is that you can use one view for all your steps.

Hi Marty -
An alternative would be to copy and paste the named view that you want in the Named View panel and then move the copies of the widgets to the arrayed copies of the assembly of objects. It’s a bit convoluted and there is a bug report for not being able to simply copy the widget with the objects - RH-37347.