Use Named View in Detail View in Layout Page?

Is there a way to make use of the saved named views in a detail view. Have been trying to figure this out for ages. I can’t make it work. I can just choose top, front, back, left, right perspective…
Also all my detail views have the same wireframe look. Is there a way to change the style of every detail view (make it unique)? Changing lens length etc

It sounds like you need to active the detail by double-clicking inside it. That should give you access to these features.

It’s possible to select in the display how it shows: shade, wireframe, render etc. But I can’t make the detail frame exactly as my (save) named view or choose camera options.

Hi Nilswallgreen,
Have you figured out working with named views on layout?
Every time I call the named views on detail window on layout I had to adjust the orientation.
There seems to be a origin of the named view but I can’t control it.
It would be also great to have a pre-determined scale feature of the named view on layout detail window…

Hello - Here, if the detail aspect ratio is the same as the named view, then these restore in details as expected (so far) Is that what you see?


Hi Pascal.
I figured out that when i call the named view in detail window it orients my named cplane origin to detail window center. but it is too complicated to use aspect ratio method for my case . I have several clippping plane section details that needs to be aligned to each other.