WISH: Toggle Named Position and Ground Plane in Detail Views

It would be great to be able to restore a Named Position in just a detail view and not have it show in the model view. The same goes for the ground plane. Sometimes I want to show a detail with ground shadows but don’t want or need the ground plane in the model views.

I second this wish.

Hmmmm… NamedPosition actually moves the geometry, and views simply show the geometry. I can’t see how it would be possible to move geometry in one view only.

As for the shadow issue, can you make a display mode with shadows turned off, or do you want object shadows, even though you don’t want ground shadows?

Some sort of proxy mesh might work since I don’t edit geometry from detail views.

Yes, I still want object shadows even though I don’t want ground shadows. Perhaps, there’s an option in display mode to ignore the ground plane.

Having different named positions per detail would be a huge help in my workflow. I often use named positions for things like creating an exploded view, but when it comes time to make my drawing set I have to Make2D the exploded view, or copy the whole model off in the distance if I want a shaded view of the model.

I understand that there are some technical hurdles, but I could see this being a great tool to use alongside the other detail-specific visibility settings (HideInDetail, etc).

Apologies if reviving this topic is bad form. Is it better to start a new one when the original thread is old?