Using Named positions in only one viewport


i want to set up different layouts with different viewports where I can change the named positions.
I have made some Named positions, but I don t know how I can set up a different Named position for each viewport.
I want to have a different named position in each viewport.

In fact, whe I change the Named position, all the viewports are set to this Named position, which I do not want.
I want the named positions to be set seperately in each viewport.

How can I achieve this ? Is this feasible ?

Thanks for your response !

The objects in the model space are part of one single reality. You can have a house with many windows, all overlooking the same reality from a different angle - but there are no parallel universes in Rhino.

Not that I know of. When I have to do something like this (say doors drawn open on the plan and closed on the elevations, I have a layer for each, such as:

  • Doors
    • Doors_Open
    • Doors_Closed

then in the Plan detail turn off the Doors_Closed layer (using the per detail visibility setting), and in the elevation turn off the Door_Open layer.


OK, thanks for your answser.

However, it is strange that such a feature is not available.
My goal was to do something like an ‘exploded view’ for industrial design like in solidworks.

I think I will do the same thing than SamPage.

Thank you both for your answers.

Cheers !

Well, I have invetigated further a bit and here’s a video I have found .
i can clearly see at 1:40 what I am trying to achieve, so I still think I do not understand everything correctly.
Punto3D is clearly using different named positions in his example, but I do not know how he is doing this.

Sorry if I insist and thanks who those who can clarify me the trick.

No problem

I don’t know how he does that. @pascal?
FWIW, there is a YT wish item that asks for this - RH-37311 - but that one is open and set to Future.

Workaround idea: make a copy of unexploded set and show that one in detail layouts as needed.
Then the named-positions driven exploded one could sit in a separate detail view not affecting the non-exploded copy in other detail views…

OK, If it’s not possible, well, it’s not possible …

I will do a workaround as proposed.

Thanks to everybody for your participation !

I’d still like to know how it’s done in that video…

So would I.

I think this video is just a trick. If you watch closely when he changes the object position from assembled to exploded the other detail viewports change also. Because he has them in rendered mode and orthogonal views you can’t see the edges when the sides explode.

named position by detail would be a great feature albeit.

Just bringing up this question again. Is there anyway to have different named positions in different details on one or multiple layout pages? @pascal

I have a current project where I need to create an exploded schematic layout page as well as many layout pages showing all the same parts in an assembled configuration. Named positions works great for switching from the exploded schematic position to the assembled position but it seems that I have to pick one or the other for the creation of all paper space layouts.

Not without copying the geometry, no.

OK, thanks. Maybe in Rhino7 ?!


Hi - Sorry, this is not on the list for Rhino 7.