Named View Bug

I’ve come across a bug in Rhino. If you select a named view and the next thing you do is hit CTRL W to zoom a window in the selection it does not see the CTRL and puts the W in the command window. It does not matter how long you wait after you do the named view selection, and it does not matter if the command prompt is docked or floating. This is especially annoying if you are going to type something after the zoom window… now you have to delete the unwanted W that was put in there.

I’ve created a sample file that I used to demonstrate this in the included video
Named Veiw Bug Example.3dm (5.4 MB)

Hi James,

I can repeat this. In the WIP this seems no longer an issue. FWIW, pressing Ctrl+W twice works here, in case you want a workaround for the time being, without having to remove the W from the command line.

RH-73347 Zoom Window through shortcut Ctrl+W after restoring a named view sends a W to the command line instead

That’s a helpful suggestion, thank you. I have to click somewhere to get the second CTRL-W to work but it does clear the command line, and it is quicker to issue a second CTRL-W since I was already doing that anyway.

I’m glad it’s not an issue anymore for V8