Bug? Typing a value for any command changes viewport

It’s really confusing that when I activate some tool and write a number, Rhino will switch to another saved viewport that shares the same name as the value. For example, when I activate “Line” and the Command line shows “Start of polyline ( PersistentClose=No )”, typing “7” will switch to saved view named “7”. Why Rhino will ignore that I write a number in the Command line while an object creation command is already active? :slight_smile:

It’s only a problem if you hit enter after typing a number which is identical to a named view…

Well, Enter is a confirmation for the numerical value. :slight_smile:

The command is asking for a start point, right?

That’s right. The command does not ask for switching to a saved named view, however, it does exactly that despite the fact that the object creation command is active and awaiting for a numerical coordinate.

Typing a coordinate works fine, no?

A coordinate input requires a number, a comma and at least a second number and then enter.

When the named view is named for example ‘10,10,0’ and the coordinates are typed or pasted with the polyline command active and waiting for a start point, ‘10,10,0’ is used as start point.

When no command is active ‘10,10,0’ switches to this named view.

Start of polyline is asking for a coordinate. Next point of polyline could be a point but a numerical input would be used as a length constraint.

With the command running, you can at any time double click a named view.

I also have named views with names such as 20 or 101 so this can be a problem when the command is asking for the first input.

The problem is that an object creation tool is asking for a numerical input, yet Rhino will ignore that and will switch to a named view instead. I don’t think that this misinterpretation is an intentional feature, because more often it creates troubles and confusion.

I agree this causes confusion and should probably be deactivated.

But to be precise, the object creation tool is asking for a cooordinate, not a numerical input.

A numerical input would be just one number and no comma involved.