Named Layer "Filter Sets"?

AutoCAD (yeah…) has a feature to create named sets / “filter sets” of layers. Select one of these filter sets, and only the layers contained in it are displayed in the layer panel.

Actually, that’s a nice feature! Having it would be handy, also because it would further improve DWG compatibility.

We do have layer filters,
but they work only with predefined criterias, not with custom named ones.

Ok, you could emulate these filter sets somehow with sublayers (which ACAD has not), but it’s not the same. It’s about hiding unneeded layers completely from the panel.

Has this ever been requested? I’d like to do so now.



I can imagine for architects with complex Layer structure this would be a nice feature.


did you check Layerstatemanager ?

with some limitations - there is a search-Field

… of course it would be nice if the search field would support wildcard *, regex, or logical and/or

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