Named Layer Filters and Selection Sets!

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I second the named selection sets! There are quite a few selection set tools for named viewports, objects, groups, selection by layer, etc. would be awesome for named selection sets. You can kind of do it with grasshopper, but not as straight forward as selecting objects, typing namedselectionset, typing new, then giving it a name, even if it overlaps with other objects, would be super useful. when im working with architectural models, this would be key to filer selections and hide and show various non selected items. its a step from getting to layman in autocad which is similar (and awesome, btw). and something similar would be fantastic in rhino!

The Named Position functionality provides a way to select geometry and save this as a named group. While the purpose is to save the position of these objects, you can just make a named position and use the Select objects of named position button to retrieve the selection set.


-NamedPosition Select “Set1” Enter
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Thank you! This works for my needs.

Thanks @wim that’s a good tip!