Layer tab color 'new layer filter'

Hi everyone,

I very often find it hard to index my layers despite sublayers and a specific layernaming system(00, 01, 02… etc.)

I’m trying to use the ‘filter’, but it would be nice to have a layer filter with colors / a more graphic layer tab, as in photoshop. where you can filter the layers by colors also:

A bit like this:

Is this within the boundaries of wishes? :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas - how elaborate do you expect this to be - is it simply the ability to set any color to any layer name, or is there some ‘smarts’ involved, like propagating to sub-layers etc.


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your reply,

It depends on the difficulty of implementation :slight_smile:

At first it’s the ability to give the layers a specific colors, as I think a lot of people recoqnize colors easier than text, in those situations where you have more than 20 layers e.g.

The way you attach a color could either be from the existing “layer color” or from a personal choice.

And this could be further developed into the ‘filter’ function like they’ve done in Photoshop. As an addon the existing rhino filter option:

Does this make sense? :slight_smile:


Hi @Toh, @Pascal,

This has been discussed extensively before and looked like a lot of users thought it would be really helpful. Some very specific solutions have been proposed…
You can check out this thread:

And there is YT item already:
but currently marked as “Future” so probably don’t hold your breath for that one.

Naturally if layer panel colors are implemented, filtering them by Color would be very handy…


Hi Jarek

Thank you so much,

I tried to search for a similar topic, but couldn’t find any (even though I had a feeling I’ve seen it before…)
Sorry for this one, but at least I could add a little bit to the discussion :slight_smile:

I really like your input in that thread. Keep it simple, and learn from PS :wink:

Is there anyway I can add the ‘filter’ to the YT?


hi Thomas,

Nothing to be sorry about - it’s actually good, the more and more often features are asked for, the higher chances of getting them into Rhino (or so I was told… sometimes it actually works). So thanks for your post, this would be a very very handy feature for complex files with lots of layers (we don’t work on any other files…)

If you have YT account or create one, you can add your comments there or even create new YT items, but I have a feeling that they are better/more validated if someone from RMA ‘blesses’ it / adds it there.
There is a wish (of mine) for more / better layer filtering options as the current ones are not very practical… perhaps we can add your Filter by Color with there too, but first implementing the colors would need to happen which I am sure is not an easy upgrade…


I probably would not mark this thread as “Solved”. It will be solved once we get to make a rainbow out of the layers in the layer panel…:wink:

Okay, yeah that’s a good point. Let’s hope Pascal might add it to this wish:

The same for us- Always a lot of layers, and hard to organise.
And yeah a good idea to add it to your YT aswell, but as you say, this should happen in the right order… :open_mouth: !

So yeah not really solved- yet! :slight_smile: (= solution off)

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Hi Jarek - Yep, I know, but I wanted to know what Thomas is expecting- this could be a more or less huge project…


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Hi Pascal

Yeah, and I was actually looking for both a lite version and an extended one.

Where the lite version would be to set any color to any layer name as you mentioned. Not anything with correlating sublayers etc. Is this a huge project?


Hi Thomas - it is bigger than you might think, due to the need to store the information, serialize it, clear it etc. The layer panel is a pretty complicated piece of business as it is, but the developer thinks we might be able to try something ‘lite’ and see how it goes. There is understandable reluctance to dive into a more complicated version just because it may be impossible to get it right for everyone’s requirements… even apart from the typing involved, which is not trivial.



Hi @Pascal,
‘Lite’ version (just assign colors/no color) with no added “smarts” would already be super helpful.
(If exposed to scripts, we can build the smarts as needed :slight_smile: ).


Hi Pascal,

Yeah I could imagine it’s way more complicated than I know of :open_mouth:, but I’m grateful that you’ll give it a try, thank you! Just let me know if you need any feedback, I’m ready to test it :slight_smile:!


If the Name could just take the Color of the layer, that would be a big step forward with this. The little square “swatch” is not big enough for quick identification.