Naked "Edges"

I often get naked edges from doing fillets or chamfers and sometimes I really don’t understand what’s wrong with it.
Since Rhino doesnt show me any edges, just points like this:

What can I do to solve these situations?


Sometimes helps

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command in v7 is RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges

I did not know of that one, thanks!
It worked for one of the issues I have but not the other. Wonderful to have a semi-solution at least

singularities that won’t repair are typically caused by a bad trim, or super tight tolerances.

what is your setting at tools>options>units? and how big is the object, and what are you planning to do with it after you are done in rhino?

Absolute tolerance is set to 0.01 millimeters which TBH might be a bit small for most of my work. I could get away with larger tolerances if it would help. Almost everything I do is for 3d printing.
The part in question is around 40mm diameter

Hello - .01 is as large as you should go - Rhino is happiest between .01 > .000001, inclusive…


Oh alright. Then I guess I can rule out tight tolerances as the cause for this.

What counts as a “bad trim” ?

one that does not join correctly…

to sort it, you need to extract and untrim all the surfaces that interact with the singularity. untrim keeping your trim curves, and then look at the trim curves. You may need to match them (position) up in order to get them to clean up.

pro tip, pick one curve to match to, and match all the curves to it, that will give you a good base to work from.

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try one of the below 4 commands

  1. connect surfaces
  2. blend surfaces
    3.match surfaces
  3. merge edges

I didn’t try for your model but one of these must be work for you