Naked edges on Surfaces


I’m using the trial version of Rhino 6. I’m using the drawing tools (circles, squares, polyline, control point curve etc) and then making that a surface using the “PlanarSrf” command and when I analyze the newly created two dimensional surface using the “show edges” tool I get 1 naked edge on the circle, 4 on the square and so on. How can I fix this or make it not happen in the first place? It’s creating all kinds of problem when extruding said surfaces.

Thank you.

You can’t. It’s totally normal. A ‘naked edge’ is one that is not joined to anything (‘open edges’ is actually a much better term). In the case of a single planar surface, all the outer edges as well as any holes in the interior will be ‘naked’. A circle will have one continuous edge, a square 4, so what you saw it to be expected.

I don’t understand the problem - do you have an example?


Thank you so much, you’ve just changed everything for me.

No problem, maybe want to look at some of the basic info on Rhino such as found in the user manual here:

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