Naked edge problem

I have a problem with naked edge on the surface. How to fix this without surface changing??Naked_Edge.3dm (298.6 KB)

Hello Coolphone
I think you are always going to get a naked edge there because it’s essentially a tube with a closed end. James Curruthers did a plane tutorial a while ago and built a wing the same way you have. Maybe his video has a solution: It’s in the video tutorial section on the Rhino Web page.

OK you can get rid of the naked edge by creating a curve lengthwise that passes through the point where everything bunches up. Extrude it and split the surface then join it all together (see attached file). This will still leave a bit of a rendering mess where everything bunches up though.Naked_Edge 2.3dm (160.6 KB)

Thank you for help. I wanted this as a single surface, but I made something wrong, I guess. But two joined surfaces are good too. Thanx :smile: