WIP is overall slow and unresponsive


I’ve not yet had the opportunity to spend a serious amount of time working in the WIP.
Now that I want to try and start a rendering project in it I realize what I felt before already:

For me v6 is sluggish, the viewports act slow as if I have a huge model in V5.
Waiting times are long for things like selecting/deselecting.

My first question; is this to be expected and subject to performance improvement later on, or should I start complaining about it right now?

For now, I will start with a full uninstall and re-install.


You should start complaining about this now! If anything, V6 should feel faster.

Hi Steve,

Just closed and opened the wip and it installed an update.
It feels much faster so I let the install be for now.
I hope this was no cry wolf, yet I;ll report back with any issues I have.

In any case I’m excite to start doing production work with it as this is the first a non critical project, that allows for some instability and (inconvenience in not having my custom toolbars).


I have been finding that after working for a bit, V6 gets pretty laggy (viewport hangs for a bit when trying to rotate a view) after running scripts, lock or hideswap, or an undo. ClearUndo seems to help quite a bit when I run into this. Close and reopen always fixes it.


Perhaps keep an eye on RAM usage, before and after ClearUndo.