My experience with Rhino WIP Sub-D. Fanta bottle!



Tsplines Replacement

I have played around for 30 minutes it’s just awesome, Great job !!
One question is there a target weld option instead superposing 2 vertex and welding the mesh ?


I’m wondering if there is a list of mesh tools other than what we see under the existing Mesh Tools tab. For instance, if sub d is coming to Rhino will there be a knife tool? A soft move tool?

Just curious.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Arail - I don’t know… but, just fyi, there is a soft-mover for meshes - testSoftMeshTransform that you can play with… Test command of course, so the usual ‘use at your own risk’ caveat applies.



Very impressive. I wish it was a little slower when you were entering commands … still don’t know what was typed in!


It’s the ‘Evelyn Wood’ method…loved it. Long droning online vids and live lectures are so last century. Ask a millennial…:wink:

Just keep tapping the space bar. You’ll catch every command! Heck, it’s only a minute. The space bar tap dance will take you what - 3 minutes?


Two better ideas: Pause the playback at each command entry -or- use an overlay with the command.

If its worth doing, its worth doing right.


Clearly, though one has got do what one’s got to do. It got you the commands, eh?

Yea sure, if one is to receive remuneration…Charity, different metric.