OK, What is the best way to test SubD now that Rhino 6 is out?


  1. I read lots of posts mentioning using the WIP to access the sub-D “until Rhino 6 ships.”
    So, now that Rhino 6 is out … where do we get it?

  2. It was suggested many times to develop a ‘plug-in / module’ for all of the Sub-D / test commands. I loved this idea, especially if every command could occur on a separate ‘Sub-D’ menu or toolbar. Users could then instantly see all commands available, experiment, and provide feedback that would be joyously and immediately implemented.

I like these ideas so much, I thought I would create this post and invite others to tell me why I am wrong and it will never happen. You may start now.

Rhino WIP, aka Rhino 7 wannabe. You need a valid Rhino 6 license to access the new Rhino WIP.

I don’t remember having seen any SubD work in the commit stream lately, though.

The unfinished tools including SubD that were taken out of V6 for release are in the current WIP.
The developer is finishing up some V6 SR stuff before getting back to SubD work.

OK, thanks for the update. … and back to question 2

Any chance that Sub-D work can be released via a plug-in format in v6 as described?

Why? Since I’m running Rhino 5 (for V-ray and T-Splines) and Rhino 6 (to keep current) it sure would be nice to avoid installing a third copy of Rhino v7 on my computers to have sub-D testing.

I don’t think so.
In previous development efforts, we had a way to add incomplete “WIP” tools into the shipping version. This turned out to be a support mess and a danger to production work when the incomplete tools broke other things unintentionally.
This is one of the reasons why we have an on-going Work In Progress system now. It keeps them separate. It also allows us to make changes to the SDK for the new version without breaking the shipping version of Rhino and every plug-in a user might be reliant upon.
I know it’s a bit awkward and a PITA, but it’s the lesser of evils.

Just for the record, I have 7 different Rhinos installed on three different computers in different version combinations so I can do tech support and development testing.
I set the application “Window color 1” differently in each one so I have a visual clue as to which Rhino I’m in at the time.
Having only three Rhinos to manage sounds like a vacation.

John, here is how to keep your Rhinos in a row


Thanks for your herding!

This is only five but look at how well the play together…


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Here is some Haiku for the herdmaster John.

I see 6. Which version is the one on the far left hiding behind all others ?


I think a large portion of heavy t-spline users are staying at 5 only. So without access to the subD WIP now that excludes them from any input into the development…

…which from the sounds of it …and more the main point…there has been very little development of and so no incentive for me to pay for 6 to just have access to trial a feature that is not being worked on.

Hopefully things will pick up with SubD once 6 settles down so it will then be a better version of 6 to jump into as well.

As I’ve mentioned in several posts, the developer is very keen to get back working on the SubD tools.


You make it sound like it’s just one person. Please tell me its more of a priority.

This. There are pressing matters taking up time.

In the end everything is important, prioritization may make it look like it isn’t.