My early association with Rhino

My association with Rhino started at the beginning of this century.

Found these whilst clearing my garage.


Rhino 1.1? I see you’re a late adopter… :wink:

– Dale

Got me beat…I didn’t jump onboard till R3.

Here’s my first one.
I’ve enjoyed using Rhino ever since. Thanks to the amazing developers at McNeel👍


I’ve been using Rhino since I read an article in this magazine before it was released. Box says Version 1.0. Still have my Mouse Pad and Manual.


Only because I was initially skeptical about it when someone introduced me to it. I went to industry after being in Academia for most of my career. I thought of only doing a 5 year stint but because they agreed to let me use Rhino, I am still there 12 years later.

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I was just looking through some backups a few days ago, this is my oldest Rhino…


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Wow as early as 1997.

Amazing to think how long Rhino has been going. My first version was version 2, and I have not looked back, now on version 8.
Love the software, use it for a wide range of project types, injection molding, metal cnc & sheet work, wood composites assemblies, casting, architecture and so much more, thanks for a great, affordable, well supported product.