Rhino 6 python console

Hi all,

I noticed in the new python console in rhino 6 the commands are not in alphabetical order as they used to be before but grouped with a criteria that makes quite difficult to find one if you remember just the name.
Therefore I always have to click on a random one after having expanded the category and then search through the website (also if I don’t have a connection this doesn’t work, does it?).

I find this quite annoying and way slower than before. Furthermore I can’t see to find in the website the option to search the command text for a word within the command description, as I could do in rhino 5 (see image below).

Any chance to get the option to revert the console library visualization to the old standard if someone would like to?


In Rhino 6 there was a decision to group the RhinoScriptSyntax Python function names by module to match how it’s presented in RhinoScript. I can see why you’d prefer the old way.

You may not be aware that local help is also available in Rhino 6. In the Python editor select the Tools->Options menu and under the Files tab click the Local Help radio button.

Does that help?

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