Python editor in Rhino could use some tweaking

I’ve noticed a few issues that seem like they could use some attention.

First, the “Find” functionality seems a little wonky. I type in what I want to find, it sometimes doesn’t find the target, but more annoyingly, if I happen to swipe my cursor over some text, the find field changes to that text. I realize that this could be useful at times, but I find it more annoying than useful. I’m constantly having to go back and type my original text back in the field. On that subject, it sure would be useful for the find box to be able to scroll back through previously entered text, exactly the way the Rhinoscript find works.

I find it annoying that opening scripts browses to the last place a Rhino file was opened. Am I the only one that keeps scripts organized in a specific folder? I am always being forced to browse back to my scripts folder. Is there a way to force the editor to look at a specific folder all the time? If not, I think there should be.

I notice when I start the debugging to test something, the file saves. I don’t know about everyone else, but I generally have to try a few things before I get the results I want. I certainly don’t want to save the file at that point. I’m not sure if this is a necessary evil when debugging, but if not, can that be stopped? Or at least offered as an option? There’s been a few times that I’ve gone off on a tangent experimenting with something that ultimately fails, and I think “I’ll just close this without saving and open where I left off before”. That’s not possible when it automatically saves.

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@Alain, can you chime in here?


The Search & Replace function has been improved by @piac and should be release with the next (or soon after that) service release.

There is no way to force the editor to look into a specific directory all the time but I’ll bring it for discussion.

The auto save feature has been discussed here: Odd autosave in Python. From that discussion this feature will will be considered for a future release of Rhino.


Thanks for the feedback.