My another car design

I usually try to design developed and innovative objects instead of imitative things. For example, I make a new shape of a car instead of the known model of an existing car. Usually, the objects I design are incomplete! For instance, a car without wheels and inner panels and other parts!

You may ask, why do you do this? It is a good question.

Designing a complete car takes time, and I have to design some things that exist and are not innovative, while I have focused on creating a developed and new shape of the body of a car!

I ignore other details to save my time and can start designing other ideas and objects. I even use material, light, and render seldom, and use print that is a nice and fast option in Rhino. That is because I focus on the technical issues of the innovative object like aerodynamic shape and beauty of a new body of a car.

I become familiar with subD recently ( a month and a half). Based on my previous experiences using other engineering software and Rhino (three years), I learned subD by myself rapidly. It is excellent, though creating particular holes on subD is still difficult and needs additional curves, points, and solutions.

I designed this automobile body with subD, totally. I know I have some failures in this shape but I think they will be removed gradually in the next works.

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