An idea of a race car with subD

That is a race car I created with subD

do you have 4 view art for these?

Hello, senior

Let me I find its file and prepare the four views

My purpose was not to observe all the technical details of designing the body of a car. It was a general idea that I released with sub-D. Nevertheless, I considered the figure of a race or sports car with a beautiful and aerodynamic shape. In fact, it was an exercise with sub-D.

keep in mind you don’t have to do the entire model in one part. Use several subd’s of different levels of detail to make your model.

for instance this model is 90% subd, I then converted to nurbs and added some details.

don’t lock yourself into one style of modeling, but instead use the style best suited to the forms you want.


You are right, sir

It is impossible to design a car (even its body solely) integrated. Each part should be designed separately and then assembled. In this step, I was mostly learning how to work with sub-D.

I usually try to show my capability in innovation instead of being an expert in Rhino. I’m not an expert in this field but am a talented person who learns or discovers new things in a short time.

I will memorize your golden advice:slight_smile:

you said

When a sub-D object is converted into NURBS a lot of wires appear on the shape. How such an object can be modified or improved after the conversion?

you would trim or work with it just like you would any other nurbs surface-

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