[Inquiry] Sweeping Multiple Objects in Grasshopper

Hi everyone, my first attempt to use grasshopper in my work before I recommend it to my boss :slight_smile: I appreciate your help. My test file is about creating multiple elevated planter walls, each has continuous handrail & handrail brackets as shown in screenshot (the parts). In my POV, this task involves:
(1). Sweeping a shape or profile along a
(2). multiple path or rails randomly located on the site.

I have already prepared 1 & 2. However, I’m having a hard time making it sweep along the paths that I created. Instead, what it does is, it sweeps along where my profile shapes are located. Screenshots provided.

Thank you!

Hi! Remember that for the Sweep component to work, the sections must be already aligned with the rail, as they would be in Rhinoceros. So, if you want to sweep some curves along multiple rails, as I understand, you have to align them correctly beforehand.

Oh I see… Oh no lol, I didn’t expect that, and actually tying to avoid aligning the shapes per curve… I thought I can put the shapes I used on the side of screen so I can easily modify it in case of future revisions (like Revit). But if that’s the only basic way, I will try first your suggestion. Many thanks!

You’re welcome! Of course, in GH you can do this very simply, but you have to set it up first! Once you do it for one curve you can just extend it to all the other ones, though.