Multiple schemes in one file

I’m just starting to use VisualArq and am very excited for the level of control it brings to Rhino. The project I’m working on is an existing building that we will be renovating so in the end I’ll need to produce demolition plans and renovation plans. What options do I have for having two different sets of geometry within the same file and being able to turn each set on and off?

There are aspects of the existing conditions that will remain such as some walls, structure, and exterior. However, there are walls that will be demolished and ideally I could simply hide those, their cuts and joins would go away, and I could turn on the new scheme.

Suggestions for best ways to approach this?

Hi Scott, unfortunately there is no good solution right now to achieve what you are asking for. You can organize the model by layers (you can place each VA object style in a specific layer that you can turn on or off depending on what you want to see). You can also use the section attributes (that can be defined by object) in order to show one specific renovation status of elements in 2D drawings.

In any case there are problems if two VisualARQ objects of different schemes are in the same position because they will interact with each other even though they are in hidden layers. So you should have two different models that are not coinciding in the same position.
I’ll let you know if there’s anything new on VA development that helps you in this request.
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Thanks for the response. I ended up taking and placing the two different
schemes each in their own block which prevents the walls from
auto-joining. However, I now have challenge that I can’t get some of the
detail such as door swings to show up in drawings unless I am editing the
block. Is there anyway around that?

Hi Scott, up to the 1.9 version the 2D representation of VisualARQ objects doesn’t show up correctly in plan views when they are inserted in blocks but we have fixed that in the upcoming VisualARQ 2.0 version.

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Any ideas in the think-tank for handling demolition?