VisualArq, Rhino, and Lands-mixed mode possible?

I have to put in the same model a model of the site, which is created with Rhino Large object meters template and Lands Design,and a building created in Visualarq-but in cm template.
How do I make them fit together in order to create a model that includes both of this models?
If I save landscape as block all lands 3D features(vegetation, paths, disappear).
I have tried so far:

  • saving it as a block
  • saving the land as group and then copy it into a visualarq template
  • saving the building as a block in order to insert it in the terrain model…and I got a Gulliver result for some reason :smile: gulliver|575x500
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

Hi @antonia.gregoriana

You can work in the same file with VisualARQ and Lands.

Do you want to create a single file or insert one as linked so you keep both files?

If you want one file, choose in which of the two files do you want to import the contents of the other file and use File > Import to add them. If you are asked about block name conflicts decide which one do you want to keep.

If you want to reference one file inside the other, for example the file with the building as a linked block in the landscape, then use File > Insert and choose the Embedded and linked option.

In any case there shouldn’t be units problems, but if there are you can always set the same units on both files beforehand.

Let me know if this helps.

Kind regards

Through the method you stated, the blocks layers are imported but when i try to select them so I can align them…there are no objects in the layers. Though the layers appear to be imported.

When you say blocks, do you mean that you have some blocks in the file that you import or that you insert the model as a block?

Maybe you have block definitions with the same names in both files and you choose to keep only existing blocks?

If you are able to extract a part of these files or if they are easy to send you can send them to so we can make sure that there are no issues.

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Sorted this, I saved the site as a block and then linked it in the visualarq building, then i had to remake the vegetation rows by extracting the lines for vegetation rows, but wasn’t that time consuming thanks to Lands Design.

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