Create design options - keep objects disjoint/joint


I am giving VA a try and I am wondering what is best pratice to test a couple of options for a floor plan layout or even with different roofs. How can I manage options on layers or somehow different solution that objects created in the first option do not join or avoid joining (as needed) with other objects being not part of that option.

Just a simple example of two wall positions:

Hi Tom,
VisualARQ objects interact with others despite they might be hidden or in different layers, hidden or not. For that reason, it is not possible to handle different design options where the geometry of one option doesn’t interact with the other one, even if you hide it. This could be possible if you work with referenced files, where the objects of that file don’t interact with those in the host model.
I’ll let you know if there is news on this feature.

Hi Francesc,

thanks for your fast reply and to make this clear - I was searching already all over the place for a solution.
Anyhow, it would be great if every object could have an index value indicating a set of objects it belong to and it’s interacting with. An index by Layersets would be perfect! This way a couple of version could be managed in the same file easily! Let me know if this could be implemented somehow soon.


Workaround for now: put the design objects into a block, or, as Francesc said, keep them in separate files and load them into a worksession.