Layouts trying to minimize changes

Currently I have found the best way to create layouts is to copy what I want to use into a new layer and base the layout off of that layer. This way I can come back and the layouts will not be all screwed because I changed the orientation of the model. Or moved the parts in the model.

Is there an easier way of doing this so the layouts do not change when the viewports etc do? If not is there a way to link a part from one layer to another so size changes etc automatically update?

Hi -

I don’t understand this description. I don’t see how copying objects to a specific layer would avoid details on a layout no longer showing the object when it gets moved in model space.

I do not move the objects on the new layer. I only move the objects on the old layer. Use case I made a large file for laying out parts needed on sheets of plywood to purchase for a project. Then made layouts of each piece of plywood. I did not realize if I went into the layers and moved the plywood sheets around it would completely mess up the layouts I had created. So now I just copy whatever I want to put in a layout into a new layer, so I do not come back later and find everything messed up.

Are you looking for a way to save the current layout view?

Yes, that is basically what I need.

Hi -

If you only want a static picture of a state of the object that will not change even if the object changes, you will have to either use Make2D and send the output to the layout or just Ctrl+C the viewport and paste that on the layout.

We have the feature request of “baking” a viewport to a layout on the wish list as RH-10770 and I’ve added your vote.

Thanks for advice and adding my vote.