Layout views Rhino V6


My question is about making layouts on rhino V6.
I created a product and made multiple tabs ( layouts) . One layout showing the outside of my design and the next layout showing the inside mechanical design. As I created my perspective view from one tab to the next I was wondering if there s a way to separate ( isolate) one perspective view in one tab from another perspective view in the other layout.i want to be able to show in one layout the outside design and keep it that way and the other tab I have the same view but I can show the inside. Is there a function that isolates the views from one another is basically what I m asking.



Hi Alex - As long as all parts in your mechanical design remain in the same position, you can either turn off layers with outside geometry in one detail and keep them on in another detail. If objects are on the same layer, you can use HideInDetail to hide specific parts in one detail.

If the parts are in different positions (e.g. an exploded view of an assembly), you’ll have to either duplicate geometry, use Make2D, or use NamedPositions and make sure to reinstate the correct set when printing.

That s good to know, I ll try it out
Thanks a bunch Wim