Multiple Filters Issue


I am trying to filter windows into an element list. When I filter by level and window type with “Logical And Filter” component it will work with these two filters. It is when I try and add the wall type to the filter that it stops returning results.

In the end I am trying to narrow down a particular window type by level and by wall type into an elements as list.

You are adding a wall type filter, which a Window on Level 2 is not a Wall Type and the Logical and Filter criteria isn’t met so it returns 0.

You can cull using the Element Host info after the initial Window Query Elements.

@Japhy Thanks, that worked.

I see the types but since the id is present along with the wall type I am having trouble finding a strategy to create a culling pattern for a specific wall type since in the list the id makes them all unique values. How would I go about isolating a particular wall type into true/false list


Hey @Set ,

You can use one of the following methods to achieve what you are after, take note if using the second method of filtering the walls by type first, you will get other inserts like doors or other hosted families if any so you will need to filter for windows after getting the inserts. (18.2 KB)