How to Filter Elements by Category AND Level?

I am trying to filter by Category = Wall and Level, but It does not work,
how do I use Logical AND Filter ?

or do I need to get all walls to extract Levels and then filter out?

im having the same problem but with rooms and level filter…

here a solution:

thanks, it works fine but I do not like this logic,
I was exploring a bit with ParameterKey and noticed it also works with:

What version of Revit are you using?
Your preferred logic works on Revit 2020.


@kike how come it works for you… ? I am using Revit 2020.2

When ‘Document Elements’ shows the document name in that black tag means you have more than one Revit document opened.

Looking at your screenshot I’m wondering if ‘Level L05’ is in the document ‘EGardens-XXXXX…’

yes this is my current Revit file
ok I will try it again with only one open

I have 3 linked models,
I run two test with loaded and then I unload them and I got the same outcome…

I testes to delete links and still nothing

i have a similar result

Revit 2020 -


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I’m testing with the Rhino.Inside version of today.
Please update from here, and tell me if still fails on your side.

perfect it is working now - Approved

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Nice pickup in speed on the Set Parameters.