Add Rule-based Filter not working with Type filter input


I’m trying to set a rule-based filter and I noticed that using type filter as input it doesn’t work. Do you have any tips on how can I turn around this issue?

Thank you.

Hi @Massimiliano_Battist,

I guess the error message can be improved but, Revit Rule-based filters only support category filtering and parameter filtering, but no other type of filter like type or bounding box, or any other.

See the UI.

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Thank you very much for your answer.

Probably I’m just not well understanding, but checking for istance the structural columns category you have normally Type Name in the list (I’ve used then a structural column in the Graphycal Element). I don’t understand where is the difference. Is it an API limitation?

thank you


Hi Massimiliano,

You can create rule based filters for Element collection or to be used in Views, like Kike mentioned, in a view filter its only category and parameter based Filters allowed.

RiR Type (10.3 KB)

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Thank you very much Japhy and Kike.