Multiple detail view selection

I’m wondering is it possible to select all detail views in the whole document and change its print width which is set to “no print” by default.

I just did it.
I created a Layout with 4 Details, selected them, clicked on the Properties Panel, and changed the Print Width from “No Print” to 0.3.
You do need to change them one Layout page at a time.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. I meant the whole document, not just one layout page. I have a document that has 20 layout pages. Each page contains 2 to 4 detail views, and I would like to change the print width on all pages. I thought that there might be a script or macro that can do it automatically.

Hi Jan -

To do this for all layouts, you’d need a script, yes.
I’ve moved this thread to the scripting category in the hope that someone can help you with that…

Thanks Wim,