Layout Detail View 'Display Mode' & 'Print Display Mode'

G’day, here’s a wish for ya! However, I know you have plenty on your plate…

Scenario - Layout with quite a few Detail Views, all presenting varying Display Modes. Navigating Layout can become quite laggy when some Details are set to Rendered or whatever other custom mode I’ve created for aesthetic reasons.

So, is it unrealistic to think that we could maybe have the option to simply select a Detail View (not make it active, just select) and in its properties panel have the ability to set its Display Mode, but not only that, have a second option to choose its ‘Print Display Mode’, just like we have Print Color and Print Width. That way I can create a custom, satisfactory display mode that isn’t graphics heavy that I can set my Detail Views to while I’m drafting in Layout and then when I hit print it comes out the other end with the preferred Display Mode result??

Thanks for your time as always!

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